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What We Do

What We Do – Risk Management & Insurance Solutions in Louisiana

Your local independent insurance agent is from your community. Their kids go to the same school as yours and they get their morning cup of coffee at the same local coffee shop that you do. You’re not just a number on a spreadsheet to them, you’re a neighbor.

Because of that, before recommending any insurance solution, it’s important we get to know you and your unique needs. If you already have coverage, your existing insurance plan is thoroughly and objectively examined. Recommendations and cost comparisons are then compiled and provided to you.

Why is a Professional Risk Assessment Important?

Most of us go through our everyday life not thinking about how what we’re doing may be relevant to our insurance policies. For example:

  • Has your lifestyle changed dramatically since you first purchased life insurance? Maybe you had a baby or got a new, better-paying job. If you’re still carrying the same amount of life insurance that you purchased 5 or 10 years ago, you may be under-insured.
  • Congratulations, you finally got around to completing that addition on your home! But you may not have enough coverage in the event of a loss unless your policy is adjusted to reflect it.
  • Your beloved aunt recently passed away and left you her 80-year old 3 carat diamond engagement ring. You will want to purchase insurance to protect this precious item against loss or theft.

We perform an annual comprehensive review of your exposures as well as your assets to ensure you’re properly protected and identify any gaps that may need to be compensated for.

Full Service Insurance Agency Serving St. Tammany Parish & Southeastern Louisiana

Once you have your policy through Moore & Jenkins, we’ll perform the following ongoing services on your behalf:

  • We move quickly to get a fair, prompt settlement in the event of a claim.
  • We periodically review the adequacy of your insurance program to make sure you still have the necessary coverage, and perform a personal risk assessment.
  • We look for ways to save you money by reviewing the different coverage options available to see if any lower-priced options would adequately meet your needs, and present you with a competitively priced proposal.
  • We provide you helpful information and access regarding your policy through resources on our website.

Contact Us for a Personal Risk Assessment

Your insurance protection is always on our mind. We’re happy to perform a personal risk assessment any time to make sure you’re adequately covered. Contact us today to speak with a professional independent insurance agent in Bogalusa, LA or Franklinton, LA.