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Builders Risk Insurance

Builders Risk Insurance in Louisiana

That pile of lumber, shingles, insulation and dry wall sitting next to that hole in the ground is valuable. So are the tools and machinery sitting on the job site that will be used to transform that pile into a residence or business.

Protect construction that is in-process and building materials with Builders Risk Insurance.

In the most general terms, Builders Risk Insurance, also referred to as “Course of Construction” insurance, is a form of property insurance that protects buildings while they’re under construction, and can include materials on the build site or those waiting to be transported to the site.

Existing homeowners insurance policies will usually cover renovations or additions to existing structures. In those situations, additional Builders Risk insurance is not necessary.

These policies can be modified and amended to meet almost any construction site need, both commercial and residential.

What does Builders Risk Insurance Cover?

Builders Risk Insurance – Perils

Builders Risk usually includes protection from fire, wind, theft, vandalism. In certain areas, additional coverage against flood, winds, and earthquakes needs to be purchased.

Builders Risk Insurance – Term

These are typically short-term policies and are only in effect during the construction period, terminating once the property is ready for occupancy and the homeowners policy kicks in.

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At Moore & Jenkins, we specialize in Builders Risk Insurance and have a comprehensive assessment to help determine the risks on your next project and ensure you have adequate protection.

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