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Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicle Insurance in Franklinton, LA

Let’s clear up the most obvious questions first:

Do I have to insure my motorhome? Yes. Because it’s considered a “vehicle” and all vehicles must have proof of insurance in order to register with the state.

Do I have to insure my ATV? Yes, if you want to operate on public land. But it’s just a good idea anyway to purchase extra protections for yourself in the event of an accident during this high-risk activity.

Do I have to insure my boat? Boat insurance is not state or federally-mandated, but most marinas and lenders will require some minimal insurance. Of course, less isn’t necessarily better, even for insurance premiums.

Boating, jet-skiing and 4-wheeling are all relatively risky activities. You must make sure that not only your vehicle or watercraft is insured, but you are protected against liability and cost of medical expenses in the event of an accident.

5 Things to Consider When Buying RV, Boat, or ATV Insurance

Consider these five tips when thinking about insurance for your boat, personal watercraft, ATV/4-wheeler, camper or motorhome.

  1. RV insurance must be handled differently than auto insurance. An appropriate policy takes into account how frequently you use your motor home and whether or not it’s your primary residence, if you’re traveling long distances or staying within a closer range, and ensures that what is inside and attached to your motor home are covered, in addition to any modifications or upgrades you’ve made to the vehicle.
  2. If you’re considering purchasing a boat or personal watercraft, ATV, camper, motor home, or pop-up trailer but have not yet done so, research the projected insurance needs to factor into the overall cost of maintaining the vehicle. You don’t want to purchase your dream boat only to realize you can’t insure it adequately!
  3. Make sure you understand whether your physical damage coverage on your boat is actual cash value or agreed value, and make any adjustments where necessary. Actual cash value will reimburse you for the value of your boat less depreciation, while agreed value is the value initially stated on the policy (no depreciation).
  4. Bundle and save. If one ATV or jet-ski is fun, then two are even better! Consider multi-policy discounts when tallying up insurance costs. An independent recreational vehicle insurance agent at Moore & Jenkins can help you find all the discounts you qualify for.
  5. Insurance for ATVs, RVs and boats can be as customized and complex as the vehicles themselves. Speak to an independent insurance agent that can skillfully compare policies and quotes to find you the best value for your money and also provide peace of mind.

Boaters: Check out this resource to sign up for your free Boater Safety Education Course. It can help reduce your insurance rates!

Get an ATV, RV, or Boat Insurance Quote in Louisiana

Trust your local, Louisiana independent insurance agent to get you the right coverage for your toys at the right price. Contact us today and we’ll explain what coverage is required, then assess your risks and make sure there aren’t any gaps in your coverage that would expose you in the event of a loss. Or, request a free boat, ATV, or RV insurance quote.